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Shelter Tool Kit

Shelter Tool Kit

Shelter Tool Kit that we offer is best in terms of the complete set of tools available. Nails, shovels, shears, hammer and many more products are offered by us in Shelter Tool Kit. We make sure that each and every item in Shelter Tool Kit is made of the finest material to make the use convenient. Our Shelter Tool Kit is designed by experts for doing repair work easily. Therefore, we are trusted as one of the best Manufacturers & Exporters of Shelter Tool Kit in the market.

Kit Include
  • C - 1 x ROPE, polypropylene, black, 12mm diam., twisted, 30 metres
  • K - 1 X HANDSAW, for timber, 400mm blade
  • G - NAILS( Umbrella Type ), for roofing sheets, galvanised + watertight washer 0.500 kg
  • D - NAILS, iron, for wood, 75mm, 0.500 kg
  • E - NAILS, iron, for wood, 40mm, 0.500 kg
  • B - 1 X SHOVEL, round point with Y handle, total length 1070mm +/-50mm
  • A - 1 X HOE, with long handle, large type
  • J - 1 X MACHETTE, length 495mm, wooden handle
  • H - 1 x SHEARS / TIN SNIPS , straight, for metal sheet, semi-hard 0.8mm max., 260mm
  • F - TIE WIRE, galvanised, diam. 1.5 mm, 25m, roll
  • I - HAMMER, nail claw, carpenter type, 750g, wood handle
  • 1 X BAG, polypropylene 80g/m², coated, 1300x400mm